Mr. Swedick is hands down one of Albany's best. His number should be kept in your cell phone at all times. Matt answers his calls at hours no one else will. He has gone above and beyond for me since 2005. I recommend him to everyone I know.

Jay A

Very professional, very thorough, and most importantly, always available. Mr. Swedick is knowledgeable, and works with you to navigate the legal system effectively and efficiently. Highly recommended.

Robert Barber

Very professional,eager,and delivers what he promises.outstanding service.highly recommended!

Robert Shufelt

I've had public defenders before for minor things , and paid for a lawyer once who I felt like only had my attention during court hours. My experience as a client of Mr. Swedick has almost restored my faith in the system. My ex wife had her family attack me and stole my phone. I called the police to get my phone when they came she lied to them and I got arrested. I was assigned a public defender who had step down because of his relationship with my ex that attacked me and the next lawyer they gave me stressed me out by avoiding communication unless it was 2 minutes before court, A Frend at work suggested mr sweedick because was so unsatified with the representation I got. From day 1 Mathew swedick was attentive, professional, and nonjudgmental. He spent time explaining to me what was going on and why we took the steps we did. From the motions he filed to request for adjournments I stepped into court feeling prepared and like I knew what was happening. He got results that I was told were not possible by the other attorneys. At the same time I had almost seventeen points pending against my liscence in four different courts In what after the attack was a run of automotive bad luck I had inspections stickers ticket accident ticket new car got an inspection sticker ticked cell phone ticket speeding 10 over ticked. Mathew swedick took over all of the contact with the court and called me with reminders. He got them all reduced or combined and made it a manageable and affordable ordeal. More than that as his cliant I felt I was taken seriously in court for the first time. While more expensive than the free representation, I felt he was very affordable especially for the attention ant time I got. He also worked with me on realistic time frames to get him payments and did allot of work on trusting me. I'm more than grateful and would like to recommend this lawyer to anyone who " like me didn't feel like I was taken seriously because of my record.

Rudy Harris

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