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When a Family Dispute Turns Violent...

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Being involved in a domestic dispute is difficult on everyone involved. But the Law Office of Matthew J Swedick knows there are always two sides to every story. With a decade of experience advocating in the Albany courtroom, our domestic violence crimes lawyers will work hard to ensure your side of the story is heard.

Domestic violence pertains to any abuse committed against a family or household member by another family or household member. Domestic violence laws go beyond a dispute between a husband and wife. According to the Domestic Abuse Act created by New York's government, a family or household member is considered to be:

• Spouses and former spouses
• Parents and children
• Blood relatives
• People residing together or who have resided together in the past
• Residents who have a child in common regardless of marriage
• A couple expecting a child if the woman is pregnant and the man is the alleged father
• People involved in a meaningful relationship whether sexual or romantic

If you've been charged with domestic violence in Albany or Schenectady, NY the Law Office of Matthew J Swedick will aggressively litigate on your behalf. We know you're innocent until proven guilty and will work hard to help you avoid serious consequences.

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