You Have Options When Charged With Drug Possession

Drug possession charge defense in Albany & Schenectady, NY

New York laws pertaining to drug possession are some of the toughest in the nation. There are many factors that will influence the conditions of your charge such as, drug type, amount and prior drug convictions. Whatever the allegations of your drug possession charge, from simple marijuana possession to possession of a more serious controlled substance, the Law Office of Matthew J. Swedick, Esq. can help. Call today to schedule a free consultation regarding your misdemeanor or felony drug possession charge in Albany or Schenectady, NY.

Avoid lengthy jail time if possible

Rely on a criminal justice attorney in Albany or Schenectady, NY

If you are charged with drug possession, you could potentially be facing hefty fines and a lengthy jail sentence. With an experienced criminal defense attorney in Albany or Schenectady, NY, you may be able to avoid harsh sentencing by opting to enroll in drug treatment programs. We're well versed in search and seizure and drug possession cases. Call today and discover your options when facing drug charges by scheduling your free consultation with a criminal defense attorney.