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Minor Crimes Are Still Crimes

Learn about the penalties of misdemeanor charges in Albany or Schenectady, NY

Just because you've been charged with a misdemeanor doesn't mean you'll get off easy. You could still face jail time and steep fines. Hire the Law Office of Matthew J. Swedick, Esq. to plan your next steps. As a seasoned criminal justice attorney in Albany, New York, you can count on attorney Swedick to work toward a favorable outcome for your case.

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4 reasons to work with attorney Swedick

Attorney Swedick has dealt with Class A and Class B misdemeanor charges in Albany & Schenectady, NY. He can predict what approach the prosecution will take and plan a solid counterargument on your behalf. Here are four reasons to have him by your side in the courtroom:

  1. He's available 24/7 for questions and case updates.
  2. He's been practicing criminal law since 1998.
  3. You'll speak with him directly every time you call.
  4. He'll fight for what's possible for your case.

The odds may be stacked against you, but they could be turned in your favor. Find out how a reputable criminal justice attorney serving Albany & Schenectady, NY can benefit you. Contact attorney Swedick today to schedule a consultation.