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Weapons charges carry steep consequences, the most severe being incarceration. The Law Office of Matthew J. Swedick, Esq. is experienced in defending criminal charges aggressively. Matthew Swedick is a zealous criminal defense attorney practicing in Albany, New York. No matter what weapon you've been charged with possessing, trust him to work toward the best possible outcome for your case.

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A skilled criminal defense attorney in Albany, New York can help you in many ways. Hire attorney Swedick to:

  • Negotiate a plea bargain
  • Find a good sentencing program for you
  • Give you objective legal advice during a troubling time
  • Help you navigate the complex legal system
  • Explain what could happen if you plead guilty
  • Put together a robust defensive argument

He won't let your case close without a fight. Contact attorney Swedick today to make an appointment to discuss your weapons charge in Albany or Schenectady, NY.